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Descriptive documentation in the form of record cards, photographic documentation, possibly orthophotography, 3D models (Agisoft Photoscan) and aerial photos using a drone were prepared for the monuments. A database of monuments was developed in a GIS geographic information system in open source software (QGiS).

For the purposes of the project, a template was created for the Field Object Card, which is filled out during the field research. Included in it is space for a description and sketch of the monument, information obtained through ethnographic interviews and other data that can be helpful in developing the issue of traces on stones. 

On the basis of the working Field Site Card, the actual Site Card is then prepared, which, together with the illustration cards attached, forms the basis for documentation and further activities related to research and protection of monuments. A Monument Record Card is also completed for each monument according to the NID template.

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Today, new technologies are coming to the rescue. So more objects are being documented in 3D! Below is an example of 3D documentation of a stone from Chodlik, Karczmiska commune, Lublin province.