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God's feet

Documentation project of stones with signs and miracle sites

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Stones have fascinated and affected people's imagination for centuries, especially those that are unusual, of large size or distinctive shapes. They have also taken their appropriate place in folk beliefs sometimes becoming objects of special veneration. The area of Poland is dotted with boulders, with which numerous legends are associated, the local population surrounds them with worship, treating them as sacred. This mostly applies to stones bearing peculiar marks, signs intended to confirm their supernatural power.

We can divide them as follows: stones with traces of the so-called "God's feet " - according to legends, testifying to the presence of the Virgin Mary, Jesus, individual saints in these places - and stones with so-called "bowls", in which the collecting water was supposed to have healing properties. There are legends associated with these objects, mostly referring to Christian tradition and the widespread belief in the miracles that were supposed to take place at them.

We also encounter springs whose water is said to have healing powers. They are materially tangible traces of the religious life of the medieval and modern countryside, and thus at the same time an intangible cultural heritage. 

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Project implemented under the grant
of the Minister of Science and Higher Education DIALOG

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About the project

Within the framework of the project "Archaeology and New Technologies in Research and Dissemination of Knowledge on Selected Aspects of Folk Religiosity, " 291 miracle sites associated with folk religiosity, known in the literature and newly discovered, were documented. The results of this work are presented in the form of this website.

Miracle sites associated with symbolic stones have been published in the form of a printed and digital monograph: "Sacred and Cursed. Stones in folk religiosity. Catalog," Warsaw 2023, Publishing House of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Miraculous sites associated with idol feet were published in the form of a digital catalog.

Recently documented objects